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Understanding you, your
business and your competitors

It’s essential. Defining you and your products. Differentiating you and your products from your competitors.

Once we understand your qualities, your competitive advantages, the how, why and where you add genuine value, we take those qualities to your campaigns. Insight that we use to plan your success. An action plan that maps out exactly what we’re going to achieve for you, why, and how.

Understanding you, your business and your competitors
Big picture' thinking

'Big picture' thinking

More than just Google Ads specialists we advise you on the best (and most profitable) strategies across the whole of your site – from UX and usability issues, to SEO fails and branding. We’re ALL about performance.

As we start to restructure or build your new campaigns the benefits quickly become clear. Data gathered from Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools (and your CRM if you use it) is used to drive continual campaign improvements.

Big picture strategic thinking applied to even the smallest aspects of your campaign; a full-funnel, holistic marketing approach - singularly focused on making you money.

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It’s all that matters

Close, continual Quality Score, CTR and ROI evaluation means continual campaign optimisation. A detailed analysis that, for example, identifies that your ideal customer is searching for your products or services on a mobile device, on weekdays, between 7 and 8 pm.

Armed with these insights we do everything in our power to engage them in the most profitable ways.

Revenue. It’s all that matters
Transparency and Reporting

Transparency and

It’s important you know exactly where your money goes and why we spend it on any specific campaign, or stop spending it on others.

At every step we’ll guide you through our thinking – so be prepared for plenty of feedback. Not only do we give you 24/7 access to your campaigns, for the first three month of every campaign, we’ll give you weekly reporting. It's usually monthly after that but if you want weekly or bi-weekly reports, that’s what we'll give you

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What is a
Google Ads Partner?

A Google Ads Partner is YOUR partner in online success.

The Google Partner badge shows that we’ve passed the Google Ads certification and are fully up-to-date with all the latest product knowledge.

It’s an ongoing marketing program that gives us the experience and expertise to build you powerful and profitable Google Ads campaigns.

More good news. As a Google Partner we have instant access to a dedicated Google representative. As well as keeping us updated on the latest features and innovations so you can keep ahead of your competition, if you need quick help because of account suspension or disapproved ads, we can call on them for rapid support.

That Google trusts us implicitly as PPC experts means you can too.

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