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New sales opportunities with Microsoft Ads (formerly called as Bing Ads)

Did you know Bing is the internet’s second most popular search engine?

Have you heard about the Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo deal? And what about Bing providing Yahoo! search results? Did you know that Bing has been Apple’s default search engine since 2013?

Bing might not give you Google’s reach, but you can get a MUCH better ROI.

New sales opportunities with Microsoft Ads (formerly called as Bing Ads)
Powerful Microsoft Ad strategies

Powerful Microsoft Ad strategies

The gold is often hidden in the detail. The granular campaign detail that we sift for hidden profits. And while most agencies treat Bing and Google as the same, and simply import your Google Ads campaigns into Bing, we understand the difference. The difference that will make you £££s

Instead of just copy and pasting your Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads, we approach every search engine as unique. Once gathered we interrogate the data and shape your search campaigns to squeeze every cent of revenue from your Bing marketing advertising. A full-scale tailor-made Microsoft Ad strategy.

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Reach More People For Less Money

Everyone talks about Google Ads. But if you really want to be sure you’re making the most of your budgets, then use Bing as well.

On Bing you’ll find lower bids, weaker competition and better ROI. No wonder so many businesses now factor Bing into their search engine marketing strategies. Especially in B2B, where we’ve seen clients actually get MORE leads from Microsoft Ads than Google Ads.

Time you gave Bing a go?

Reach More People For Less Money
Transparency and Reporting

Transparency and

It’s important you know exactly where your money goes and why we spend it on any specific campaign or stop spending it on others.

At every step we’ll guide you through our thinking – so be prepared for plenty of feedback. Not only do we give you 24/7 access to your campaigns, for the first three month of every campaign, we’ll give you weekly reporting. It’s usually monthly after that but if you want weekly or bi-weekly reports, that’s what we’ll give you.

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Why Choose Us?

Because we’re experts. Because we’re proven. Because, unlike others, we handle Microsoft and Google Ads completely differently. We don’t just export your Google Ads campaigns into Microsoft Ads. We understand their differences, and we know they need different approaches and marketing strategies. That’s why we build every Microsoft Ad campaign from scratch based only on best practices and your specific requirements.

Successful PPC campaigns demand a precious blend of science and art. As a successful PPC agency, we apply our talents to help you enjoy even more success using Bing Ads; to generate more leads and more conversions for a lower cost.

A single senior, experienced PPC manager dedicated to your account. No juniors, no interns, no excuses. Just clear accountability. Just a laser guided focus. Just outstanding Bing Ads results.

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