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Cookieless Tracking:
How to Succeed With Different Data

Posted by Gábor CSEH

The third-party cookie is going away, and that’s a good thing. Discover your advertising options, such as GA4 and first-party data to build advertising success.

PPC Competitor Analysis:
A Definitive Guide

Posted by Patrik BUZA

With over 7 million advertisers using PPC ads to drive on-page conversions, the PPC arena is inarguably competitive.

The Future of Microsoft Ads:
2021 and Beyond

Posted by Tamás SIGMOND

For many years, the world has witnessed the ad duopoly of Google (38% market share) and Facebook (22%). Microsoft, along with Amazon and Verizon, is challenging this duopoly.

PPC Strategy for Holiday Season:
Holiday Advertising Strategies

Posted by Dani ERDEI

Nearly 80% of shoppers rely on the internet to make holiday shopping decisions, with search engines being the most influential.

Better Data for Your Website: Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics
Guide and Tips

Posted by Alíz TÓTH

With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated every day, data has become the new fuel for businesses in today's age.

Best Strategies for Smart Shopping Campaigns in 2021 Q4

Posted by Kata KOVÁCS

Accounting for 76% of the total retail search ad spending, shopping ads are the most popular ad format among advertisers.

How to Gain Traffic and Grow Leads with Responsive Search Ads

Posted by Márk BERLIK

The advertising sector is booming, and global ad spend is projected to reach £469 billion ($652 billion) by 2022. This means more businesses are investing in paid advertising to reach a broader audience, increase awareness, and drive conversions.

Why Are Your Facebook Ads Not Working
2 Issues and 4 Fixes

Posted by Dorina Sára KOVÁCS

People think Facebook is the wonderland of advertising.

Search Network vs Display Network - How To Choose The Best One For Your Next PPC Campaign

Posted by Roland MATHE

Google search network ads and Google Display Network GDN) ads are the most popular advertising platforms out there. While both are a part of Google's advertising network, they perform differently and help you achieve different goals.

Hire a Google Ads Expert:
5 Questions You Need to Ask

Posted by Miklós MOLNÁR

Are you ready to hire a Google Ads expert for your next PPC campaign?

Top 12 Google Ads Alternatives You Should Consider in 2021

Posted by Ági MARCZINKÓ

The number of mobile device users grew by 1.8% to 5.22 billion as of January 2021. Ad spending to reach the US market is expected to reach $156.38 billion by 2023. Many advertisers use Google, but not all of them. Should you consider changing ad networks in 2021?

12 eCommerce KPIs: Understanding the Difference Between Vanity and Value

Posted by Krisztina TOBA

In ecommerce, there are a lot of different metrics that you can use in order to measure your success and make the right decisions for your business.

Google AdWords vs AdWords Express

Posted by Patrik BUZA

Are you investigating how to get started with advertising your business? Google is undoubtedly the place most businesses should begin.

Search Network vs Display Network: Which is Best for Your PPC Ads?

Posted by Tamás SIGMOND

Google receives over 2.5 trillion searches every year. Plainly, if you’re an advertiser or a business trying to advertise, Google is a channel you cannot afford to ignore.

Google Ads Broad Match Modifier: What is it and What to Use Instead After the 2021 Update

Posted by Dani ERDEI

You may have heard that Google has updated their AdWords matching policies to promote higher quality traffic.

IDFA in iOS 14, Facebook, and Cookies: 3 Ways to get Ahead of the Coming Ad Apocalypse

Posted by Gábor CSEH

3rd Party Cookies are dying. Apple’s iOS 14 prioritizes privacy opt-ins. Advertisers are getting nervous. We’ll show you how to get ahead with your digital marketing plan.

How to Create Dynamic Data Visualizations in Google Data Studio

Posted by Gábor CSEH

Google Data Studio is a powerful tool that allows you to create dynamic data visualizations. You can use it to make interactive dashboards, custom reports, and track key performance indicators.

How To Use Automated Rules to 10x Your Advertising Results

Posted by Beáta BALOGH

Google Ads is a powerful advertising tool that can help you reach your target audience. But with so many different options and settings, it can be difficult to figure out what to do.

3-4-5 Guide to Google Ads Manager Account

Posted by Alíz TÓTH

3 Reasons to get started with a Google Ads manager account, 4 steps to add client accounts, and 5 ways to level up your Google Ads game with Google Ads Manager Account.

The Ultimate Negative Keywords Guide for PPC Google Ads in 2021

Posted by Kata KOVÁCS

In the next 60 seconds, we're going to show you how to make more money by using Google Ads negative keywords and eliminating useless search terms and search queries.

11 Proven Tips For Successful Google Ads in 2021

Posted by Miklós MOLNÁR

Don’t waste another ad campaign with useless text ads. The average conversion rate for Google ads on the search network is 3.17%. If your conversion rate is lower than this, then you need better ad copy.

Forget about fake news, there’s something much worse out there

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

You’ve hardly been able to move recently for talk of fake news or fake viral videos, even the Donald calling out reputable organisations such as the BBC as fake. Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.

Are you making fake news sites rich?

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

It’s all over the real news. The news that fake news isn’t simply an innocent game – it’s an industry. A dirty industry of invention, manipulative mis-information, falsehood and mischief almost singularly focused on grabbing as much cash as possible through banner impressions & clicks. Grabbing votes too it’s been argued.

MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns 5. Dental Clinics

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

Article number 5 in our essential negative keywords series – MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns.

The difference between PPC campaign success and failure?

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

PPC campaign dedicated PPC keyword research.

Since when was PPC only about keywords?

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

Think PPC success is all about keywords? Well guess what? It ain’t so. Of course keywords count, they’re mission critical. But they’re only a part of the PPC marketing mix.

MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns 4. Insurance Providers/Brokers

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

Article number 4 in our essential negative keywords series – MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns.

MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns 3. IT Consultant Companies

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

Article number 3 in our essential negative keywords series – MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns.

MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns 2. Hosting / Web hosting Companies

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

Article number 2 in our essential negative keywords series – MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns.

MUST have negative keywords for PPC Search Campaigns: 1. Developers / development companies

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

There’s nothing negative about negative keywords. They can save you £££££££s if you get them right. Get them wrong and they can cost you £££££££s too.

Google Has Changed – How To Use The New Google Search Results To Improve Your Business

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

As you will have seen for yourself Google is continually testing its search results page to offer more meaningful returns.

The Tablet Traffic That’s Killing Your Cost Per Conversion – And What You Can Do To Slash Those Costs

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

Despite Google’s Enhanced campaign settings it’s still not possible for advertisers and PPC managers to bid differently for desktop and for tablet clicks.

Don’t Get Mugged By Your Automated Niche Finder – How To Instantly Spot Keyword Fails

Posted by Ernő HORVÁTH

Great PPC? It’s all about great keywords. No secret there. And identifying perfect keywords is of course an essential component of every successful PPC campaign.